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Compiled by Kitsap Adult Center for Education (KACE)

So many online sites are come-ons to buy resources and materials or to subscribe to journals, lesson plan sites, etc. Here are a few great links that offer a lot of helpful material with little or no ulterior commercial motive.

If in the course of your tutoring you happen to come across a useful site, please send us the link via e-mail to lorene@kacewa.org (or through our Contact page) so we can determine whether to add it to the list. Thanks!

Shoreline Community College Ready-to-Teach Levels 1-5Pink Pages
Go here first for fantastic spreadsheets of what to work on with your students at their level of English. Includes: Communicative Areas, Grammar, Vocabulary, and helps for you to do effective assessment.

New American Horizons Foundation
The New American Horizons Foundation is a non-profit that has produced a wonderful set of eight 30-minute training videos for ESL teachers. While the films are done in class settings and perhaps at a level different from that of your student, much of the methodology is applicable to one-on-one tutoring at any level, and there is much to glean from each of the teachers’ approaches. The videos are available to be viewed online free!
Topics include:

  • Lesson Planning for Life Skills
  • Building Literacy with Adult Emergent Readers
  • Growing Vocabulary with Beginning Learners
  • Working with a Multilevel Class
  • Developing Listening Skills with High Intermediate Learners
  • Teaching Grammar in Real-life Contexts
  • Cultivating Writing Skills at the Intermediate Level
  • Developing Reading Skills for Intermediate/Advanced Learners

ESL Tutor Resources from St James Cathedral
Focus on Basics, Planning Lessons and Activities, News For You – weekly news online with crossword puzzles and vocabulary study for ESL. Topics Online Magazine has short texts with pictures for all levels of ESL.

Also called “Interesting Things for ESL Students.” Shows photos of hundreds of typical signs around town – terrific for vocabulary development and discussion. They’d make a great matching and concentration game with all kinds of variations too!

English With Cartoons was developed by Mike, a former ESL student who designed this website focused solely on the 12 English verb tenses. Lists of basic facts about the tenses, an alphabetized list of irregular verbs, and exercises are accompanied by videos that illustrate the use of each tense. Love this one!

“Where adults learn English and exchange ideas.” This great site is highly recommended by one of our experienced tutors for working on pronunciation and understanding American idioms. Very clear videos present the sound and physical production of words and sentences.

A unique resource with audio/video for ESL teachers and students. Recommended by Karen and Roberta, KACE tutor and student struggling with the pronunciation of ‘th’!

Developed by the U.S. Department of Education and the Office of Vocational and Adult Education, this is a free web-based multimedia site for adults learning ESL. It is designed for distance learning where students work online at their convenience, and where the tutor can access their student’s site to check progress and offer feedback. Learners develop and strengthen reading, writing, listening, and life skills. This program is a great way to supplement your one-on-one tutoring time while increasing your student’s proficiency on the computer.

eThemes on the top tab is organized alphabetically by theme and grade level to links for lessons/lesson plans/activities that are easily adaptable to adult education at all levels of ESL. Very comprehensive.

Karin’s ESL Partyland is a site with material for students to work on online and for teachers to access lesson ideas. It also has a quiz center where thematic exercises for learners are ranked easy, medium, and difficult. The teacher pages are a wealth of information for all levels.

Start Learning English with categories in: basics, grammar, quizzes, important differences and exceptions, phrases and vocabulary, reading comprehension, and much more. You’ll want to create a desktop shortcut for this one!

Great place for students and teachers. Idioms, grammar, accent reduction, business English, reading the news, and more ideas. Be sure to look at the section Bright Ideas for Teaching ESL.

The internet TESL Journal offers a multitude of links for teachers and students to browse for just about any aspect of ESL. There are also articles written by professionals on L2 teaching theory and practice. Check out the links tab.

Originally set up as a, “starting point for ESL learners who want to study English through the web.” Great links to the top 100 U.S. newspapers, idiom dictionaries, ESL/EFL magazines and journals, the Coffee Break Arcade for games, and links for Speakers of Spanish to study English.

Civics/ESL lessons, activities, quizzes, ESL photo stories, videos, crossword puzzles, worksheets, etc. Great resource for sharing U.S. customs, landmarks, life-skills, and peculiarities with your students. A great source for the bank of 100 study questions, some of which are asked on the citizenship test.

A HUGE place for online activities for students. Quizzes and activities can be done bilingually in 44 languages + English. We guarantee that your student’s L1 is included! This site provides great practice for learning simple navigation with a computer.

WOW!! Ready-to-use ESL lessons with all kinds of activities based on up-to-the-minute news/current events. Downloadable and printable. We love this site!

A wealth of helps! Grammar, writing, Grade 7-12 and GED-level material quite adaptable to adult education and definitely adaptable to ESL.

Brags that, “teaching English just got easier!” Hundreds of ready-made lessons replete with printable flashcards to which you can also add your own text.

Dave Spurling’s site has been around forever, but it bears mention as it is one of the most respected and accessed. Browse around and make sure to check out Stuff for Students – there’s a special section on teaching 1-to-1. ESL instructors around the globe submit teaching ideas, so the Café is a “world” of information!

154 downloadable PDF lessons and handouts for reading comprehension from beginning to advanced-level students. There are also on-line and hard copy quizzes and activities based on the reading selections. Another good site on which to practice basic computer skills.

Thematically organized “story lists” with audio (and some with video) from current and past news stories. Basic and full versions of each account cater to your student’s level of English, and each comes with activities to check comprehension.

Available in seven languages, this website, endorsed by Google’s Literacy Project, UNESCO, and the International Reading Association, lets you write and illustrate your own comic strips. It provides practice on the computer and is very useful as a means of doing a running comic strip in interaction with your students. Fun!